The sixth Ceremonial meeting

“Today, our task is to state once again that education is not preparation for life. Education is life! And that kindness, more than anything else, is how we treat others! The ancient Greeks gave us the noun philanthropy from two terms, philos – friend, lover and anthropos – man, the meaning of which we all know, but I remind you that in its essence it also contains three beautiful Croatian terms – philanthropy, charity and benevolence.
When we add to them the concept of knowledge and excellence together with the memory of a young, good connoisseur, a man who has been gathering us every December since 2017, we have completed the reasons why we are here today. Because of kindness and knowledge!”
These were the overture words of the moderator Željko Rupić at this year’s ceremony of Ivan’s Foundation.

The sixth Ceremonial Meeting of the Ivan Bulić Foundation, which marks the fifth anniversary of its founding, was held on December 8, 2022 in the building of the Croatian State Archives. In the most important palace of the Croatian Secession, almost a hundred years old, under four pillars with four owls carrying globes and proudly symbolizing the unquestionable importance and beauty of knowledge in all its essence.
This year, the Foundation proudly awarded as many as 34 supports, which achieved the following impressive numbers in the first five years: 91 students and 17 pupil scholarships, 6 awards for the final thesis, 7 awards for master thesis, 7 awards for doctorate thesis, 2 awards for Lifetime achievements, 3 supports to primary schools, 9 supports to secondary schools, as well as numerous other supports to noble, humane and socially useful programs and projects of the social community in general.
These figures would not have been possible without the crucial help of supporters, donors and sympathizers, and many of them had the honour of handing over well-deserved awards.
Friends of the Foundation, Sandra Bagarić and Darko Domitrović, Đani Stipaničev, Lea Dekleva, Luka Bulić, Nika Došen, Andrej Hanžek and klapa Kampanel took care of the special musical program, according to many the most beautiful and emotional so far.
It is customary at these December gatherings to hear a welcome speech from the Manager of the Foundation, and Ivan’s closest friends Krešimir Nevistić and Andrija Antić were happy to share their stories about Ivan.
Given the extremely large number of awarded supports, the applause almost never abated in a space filled with pride and emotion.

Supports in the amount of 20,000 HRK each were awarded to the Stanko Ožanić High School in Zadar and the King Zvonimir High School in Knin for student projects on the production of dry biscuits.
The support in the amount of 10,000 HRK went to the Fran Galović Primary School in Zagreb with the aim to help pupils with lower financial status.
The support in the amount of 20,000 HRK was handed over to the Čazma Primary School for the restoration of inventory after the flood.
High school students Gabrijela Gambiroža (King Zvonimir High School in Knin), Lorena Živković (Agricultural Forestry School in Vinkovci), Patrik Čemešljević (Antun Horvat Vocational High School in Đakovo), Šime Mašina (Stanko Ožanić Agricultural, Food and Veterinary School in Zadar) and Valentina Novinc (Agricultural-food school in Požega) deservedly received scholarships in the individual amount of 12,000 HRK for the year.
Support in the amount of 60,000 HRK was given to Gloria Malin, president of the Association for the Protection of Animals S-PAS from Trstenik.
This was followed by scholarships for students of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the University of Zagreb in the individual value of 15,000 HRK per year.
Scholarships for the 2nd year of undergraduate studies were handed over to Amalija Danjek and Hana Petrlik, and Roko Rogošić was awarded for the 3rd year of undergraduate studies.
The ceremony was also attended by the scholarship recipients for the 1st year of graduate studies: Iva Mađarić, Katja Radolović, Sara Gabelić, Dominik Matijević, Monika Bestvina, Petra Tuksar, Marko Belavić, Maja Zečević and Barbara Tuzla.
Awarded students in the 2nd year category of graduate studies also proudly received their student supports: Nikša Bekavac, Nikolina Grgić, Martina Novak, Iva Marinović, Renata Mavrić, Lara Skef and Gloria Kovač.
Awards for the best final thesis in the amount of 3,000 HRK were given to:
Vedrana Pleš for the work entitled “Effect of extruder temperature on the mass and dimensions of 3D printed gluten-free cereal snack products” and Shefkije Doroci for the work “Development of encapsulation systems of Glechoma hederacea L. extract and their incorporation into candy products”.
Sofija Iveković won the 5,000 HRK award for the best master thesis entitled “Quality properties of a three-dimensionally printed snack product enriched with fermented seeds of wheat and amaranth”.
The Ivan Bulić Annual awards for the best doctoral thesis in the amount of 7,000 HRK were awarded to:
Deni Kostelac, Ph.D., for his work entitled “Formulation and development of multi-layered microencapsulated probiotics with targeted effects on health” and to Mateja Habuš, Ph.D., for the work entitled “Development of three-dimensional printed products from cereals enriched with processed wheat seeds”.
Iva Marinović and Nikša Bekavac, 2nd year graduate students, thanked the Foundation on behalf of all the winners of scholarships, awards and acknowledgements.

Along with the premiere performance of the song “In love is power”, for which the text was written by Luka Bulić and the music was written by Lea Dekleva, the cult “Mostar rains” in the interpretation of the same Ivan’s cousin Luka moved to tears.
In the glow of the stars, as it should be, the official part of the socializing ended.
“The star shines for us” is the title of the song composed for Ivan, for his legacy and his Foundation by prof. Darko Domitrović and it was premiered on this occasion by the great Foundation Band.




    Ladies and gentleman.
    Dear students, scientists, professors.
    Respected founders and supporters of the Foundation.
    Dear musicians, dear all my TIM ZIP colleagues.
    Dear and good people, dear friends.

    Welcome to the sixth Ceremonial Meeting of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.

    The sixth Ceremonial Meeting of the Foundation also means six years without Ivan, six years as long as six centuries for all of us who lived with Ivan, knew him, loved him and for us to whom he was the meaning of whole our lives.
    Six years of sadness and pain, but also six years of exceptional pride in everything we all did together in memory of Ivan, with Ivan’s name on our lips, with Ivan’s image in our thoughts and with love and respect for Ivan in our hearts.
    Ladies and gentlemen, we have done many beautiful, noble and humane deeds, worthy of Ivan’s kindness, concern, gentleness and love that he had for all the people around him, especially those in need. Worthy of his will and persistence and worthy of the excellence he always strived for, and never gave up.

    We will continue to do so. That is why we have gathered today and that is why we thank you all endlessly. Thank you for still being with us, thank you for not giving up. Thank you for continuing to understand and wanting to be a part of this goodness that we create together, share together and nurture together.

    Today again, sad joy and extraordinary pride will fill and conquer these wonderful secession halls, with beauty and harmony worthy of the goodness and beauty of what is happening here. At the same time, for those of us who prepare and make all this possible, as well as those for whom we are here today, many hearts will flutter with joy and pride. Many eyes will be blurred with tears of emotion, empathy and kindness, and many heads will deservedly, high, joyfully, proudly and dignifiedly raise their foreheads due to the public confirmation of their uniqueness, persistence, diligence and excellence.

    Our dear and respected laureates, dear pupils, students, bachelors, masters and doctors of science, dear professors, dear good people, protectors of all those in need, people and animals, today is your day. All this today is because of you and for you.

    Today we thank you for your selfless and persistent work, your persistence and creativity, your firmness and your courage to be ready with an open mind to acquire some new knowledges and to create new values and goodness.

    We want you to know that we have recognized your values, that we value and respect them, that we need them and that you are not alone, we are with you on the life path that you have chosen. The more difficult path, the path of courage, the path that many do not want and cannot take, the path full of obstacles and difficulties, but the only path of knowledge, pride, dignity and love.

    Because love is keeping us together.

    Love for the truth, love for knowledge, love for the profession, love for everything that surrounds us – people, animals, nature.
    Thank you for that and congratulations on your achievements.
    What you do and how you do it, is a guarantee of our more beautiful and peaceful future.
    Thank you all.
    Welcome and good luck.




    As difficult as it was to get up to this stage and talk about Ivan, while I was preparing this speech I was reminded of how positive, full of energy, sincerity and simplicity Ivan was. He was a great company to everyone he was spending time with.

    Attending these Foundation’s meetings which we are all proud of, as well as the Friends Club’s gatherings, we are constantly reminded of Ivan, and even though he is physically no longer with us, we still enjoy time spent together in his honour and remember stories that seem like happened yesterday.
    I’ve been Ivan’s friend since high school, and I’ll start my story about him by remembering the time before the end of his studies, when he once caught me and asked me in that intelligent and interesting way of his: „Bro, do you know that I’m angry with you?“ Then, in a bit of a shock I was waiting for the point and conclusion. And Ivan asked WHY didn’t I tell him in high school that golf is the best sport in the world? It quickly turned into a joke and banter, mostly Ivan found a new “toy”. What was interesting to watch from the side was the way in which Ivan accepted golf and focused on that sport because it was an example of the way he accepted and occupied in things that interested and amused him.



    My dear Ivan, after five Ceremonial Meetings of the Foundation, it is my turn to say a few sentences…and don’t laugh at me “from above”…I still haven’t learned how to pronounce the letter R….
    We were introduced by my basketball captain, and our mutual great friend (Boris), and you know that captains gather only the “best players” around them… And that’s how the story started… Going out and hanging out…It was enough to say “Ivan is in Zagreb, let’s go…“His appearance and smile from ear to ear always let to positive mood… and that positivity always led to hanging out and enjoying the company of Ivan; summer get-togethers in Šibenik… Where are you? Are you coming? Water polo and volleyball in the pool, barbecue in the yard, music blaring… moments that don’t pass with the years, but remain memorable… Ivan gathered friends and a team around him. Today in this hectic pace and lifestyle, I don’t have many friends who connect and gather …and YOU DID THAT…and you’re still doing it today…



    Left-handed like me, he was one of the few with whom I could try and comment on different clubs (although at that time he studied them more than I did, which not many people can boast about). He is one of the two people I corresponded with during the golf tournament, because who normally watches a golf tournament on TV with such interest!?
    I miss the rounds with Ivan that we played a couple of times a year, and as the last example of his selflessness and character I will tell you about today is that Ivan was not much of a beer fan, but after our rounds of golf he would drink at least one with me every time, because he knew how happy it made me. He didn’t want to spoil the fun.



    In 2008 there was a European Football Championship in Vienna. No, it wasn’t in Zagreb, it was in Vienna, but with our Ivan and with the jokeful atmosphere he created we felt as if we were in our neighbourhood… happy, proud and spoiled with joy as there were his friends in “his Vienna”.
    My friend, the picture where we are all together will hang forever on the wall of my office. On the day of my and Dijana’s wedding, you called: „ Not everything goes as planned, Ivana and I are late. “
    I feel it’s a mess. ” Take it easy my friend, you will get there…” No, no, no, there was no question that you would find some excuse, I knew that you would come, even in your problems and difficulties, you always came. I see you, you come, spread that smile of yours and how to describe it…



    After the golf speech and remembering Ivan, I would like to congratulate all the winners of scholarships, awards, acknowledgements and supports on their success. As young people who are starting out in life, I want to recommend you to move forward as much as possible in the way our friend Ivan did – with a smile from ear to ear.
    We love you bro.



    What can I tell you on this day my Ivan?
    Today, “some new kids” pronounce your name, and we, your friends, are telling them about our experiences, trying to share your positive energy to everyone present… So many good deeds and supports are created and arisen on your behalf…
    I feel today, now and here, you are with us even when you are gone…we miss you…


    Krešimir Nevistić & Andrija Antić




    Dear Founders, supporters, donors and sympathizers of the Ivan Bulić Foundation. Distinguished guests, and especially the respected Bulić family.

    In this special year, in which the Ivan Bulić Foundation, TIM ZIP company and the Richemont Club of Croatia are celebrating their anniversaries, we have the honour to thank you on behalf of all support recipients for these valuable scholarships, awards and acknowledgements that you have been selflessly providing for 5 years. We are gathered here today by someone’s generous and selfless deed that is much more than its material value.



    Ivan and his life are an incentive, a motive for excellence, an inspiration and a guiding light for the further development and engagement of all students awarded here.
    Only the bravest and those who care the most can build such a wonderful, valuable and sad deed out of a great tragedy.
    So much love, strength and perseverance were invested in this story and we are extremely grateful to be a part of it. Fighting against the current, standing out from the crowd and striving for excellence is what is worth seeking for, not only in education, but also in life.



    The story of Ivan teaches us not only about excellence, but, above all, how to be noble, full of empathy, humanity, and love for others. A noble man is one who considers different ideas and ideals, who refrains from quick judgments and does his best to understand people and their situations. The one who leaves aside his own promotion and focus on himself, and celebrates and cheers the successes of others.
    That’s how Ivan was. Today, such ideals are promoted by this Foundation that bears his name.
    Once again, thank you for guiding us on the right path.



    Your generosity inspires us to do the same – we give back to the community by helping others and we invest in the future. One day we hope to help future generations achieve their dreams, just as you support us and enable our dreams to come true.
    It is our honour to proudly present the values on which this Foundation was built, which are the virtues of the man who gave it its name – persistence, humanity, nobility, diligence and an inexhaustible desire for knowledge that inspire us to break our own boundaries and achieve the impossible.


    Iva Marinović & Nikša Bekavac



    Ladies and gentlemen.
    It is a great honour for me to stand here in front of all of you. My volunteer life began about 10 years ago, and even in my wildest childhood dreams, I did not expect that the S-PAS association would exist and that it would have such results behind it. Precisely because of the results of our effort, work, sacrifice and love for animals, I am proudly standing here in front of all of you. Every time I retell our story, I do it with a lump in my throat, being proud of my girls and of every life saved and every destiny changed. It is a special honour to be here today, especially because of the story behind this Foundation. Reading the story about Ivan and his life, I found similarities with myself in many paragraphs. I was especially touched by the sentence that during his life he always knew how to achieve what he set out to do. Because that’s exactly how little Gloria was.
    I grew up in a small environment. Childhood is a topic that is difficult for me to talk about, but having parents and growing up surrounded with love and security is something that every child in this world deserves. When life and fate mix up the cards, life makes you grow up prematurely. Everything I learned as a child, and now as a mother of a boy, is that you should never give up on your goals and you should be persistent in striving to live your own way, just like Ivan did.
    Through this volunteer life, thousands of dogs have lived in our home. Unfortunately, hundreds of them did not make it, all dying in our arms. Precisely because losing someone is difficult and painful, it makes you realize how strong you are and how much you can do. The greatest charm of life is exactly that – helping through such initiatives and participating in saving others’ lives.
    From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the supporters of the Foundation, especially the Bulić family, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this emotional and noble story, and for finding the strength to fight and to remain brave even in moments like these.
    Thank you very much.