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Purpose and goals of the Foundation

The goal of the Foundation is to permanently support and help young people with their education and professional development especially for the fields of biotechnology and food technology in bakery, pastry and confectionary and thus provide enough quality experts to enrich these nutritional branches.

Special purpose of the Foundation is to preserve a permanent memory of the humane and noble figure of Ivan Bulić.

The goal is to theoretically and practically help in the realization of the ideas that Ivan Bulić during his life, education and work stood for, and which are set in two Ivan’s thoughts:
“Young people should have access to all knowledge and information.
It is the duty of every society and every good and wise employer.”
“Young and educated experts, associates and managers are crucial to the development and future of each company.
Their education and knowledge are essential for every employer, just like their curiosity and desire for new knowledge, their strong and healthy desire for proof and success, and especially their youthful strength and perseverance.
They need to be given trust, rights and responsibilities, help them and direct them if they make mistakes, but also support, acknowledge, and praise their achievements and successes.”


Awards, acknowledgments, supports and scholarships

Funds are granted in following ways:

  • One-year scholarship, to students with excellent work results,
  • Acknowledgment and financial support, to students for assistance in the realization and completion of particularly significant projects, graduate and doctoral papers of special interest for the profession,
  • Acknowledgment and financial support, to students for projects carried out or graduate and doctoral studies of particular importance for the profession,
  • Ivan Bulić Annual Award and financial support, to students for the most significant project or doctoral work of special importance for the profession, realized in the last academic year.

In exceptional situations, the funds can also be used for other physical and legal persons who have given a special and lasting contribution to the profession through their work and the results of their work.
In such cases the funds are used in the form of:

  • Award and support for the realization of a significant project for the profession,
  • Ivan Bulić Award for a special contribution to the profession,
  • Ivan Bulić Award for a life-work.


Foundation Founders

Dajana Bulić,
Vladimir Bulić,
Ivana Labudović,
Josef Haas,
Stjepan Varga,
TIM ZIP d.o.o. Zagreb

Funding for the functioning and financing of the Foundation’s activities shall be provided, apart from the Foundation Founders, also from the legal and physical persons as contractual supporters, supporters or donors and sponsors.
Money contribution made by each Founder or Supporter remains the Foundation’s secret.


Foundation Bodies

Foundation Manager

Vladimir Bulić


Foundation Board

Dajana Bulić
Vladimir Bulić
Ivana Labudović
Josef Haas
Stjepan Varga
Damir Ježek
Vlado Sučić


Expert Committee for selecting candidates for granting awards

Prof. dr. sc. Duška Ćurić, PBF, Vice-President
Prof. dr. sc. Damir Stanzer, PBF
Dr. sc. Marija Carić, KRAŠ d.d. Zagreb
Ivan Parać, dipl. ing., PAN-PEK d.o.o. Zagreb


Business Council

Svjetlana Makaj, dipl. ing. EKOS PEKARNICA d.o.o., Varaždin, President
Franjo Plodinec, dipl. oec. ZAGREBAČKE PEKARNE KLARA d.d., Zagreb, Vice-president
Vinko Čilaš, PAN-PEK d.o.o., Zagreb
Mr. sc. Marijan Katalenić, Zagreb
Goran Kolarić, dipl. ing. DATA-BAK d.o.o., Zdenci Brdovečki
Josip Plodinec, MLIN I PEKARE d.o.o., Sisak
Marica Vidaković, KRAŠ d.d., Zagreb
Zoran Šimunić, dipl.ing. NAŠE KLASJE d.o.o., Zagreb
Nino Varga, dipl. oec. ČAKOVEČKI MLINOVI d.d., Čakovec
Andrej Hanžek, dipl. ing. TIM ZIP d.o.o., Zagreb
Vlado Sučić, dipl. ing. TIM ZIP d.o.o., Zagreb


Expert Committee

prof. dr. sc. Žaneta Ugarčić
dipl. ing. Franjo Klarić
dr.sc. Aleksandra Vojvodić Cebin
dr.sc. Bojana Voučko
dr.sc. Ivna Vrana Špoljarić
Lucija Štrkalj
Nika Mutak
Kristina Jarni
Anamaria Dominko
Ivana Dajčić
Dora Benšek
Filip Zlatar
Ivana Birovčec
Katarina Filipan
Marija Gregov
Andrea Buratović
Andrea Ljubić
Andreja Poljanec
Barbara Marić
Elena Mikolaj
Josip Morduš
Mateja Kobeščak
Valentina Magdić
Ivan Martić
Karla Tomljanović
Katarina Varga
Klara Čuljak
Matija Pejković Prekslavec
Sara Šarić
Lucija Boras
Lucija Marić
Ivona Kuraica
Arijana Dubović
Ena Buljubašić
Nina Šarić
Maja Rendulić
Gloria Kovač
Marko Iveša
Nikša Bekavac
Renata Mavrić

The members of this Committee are all scholarships, awards and grants winners. The Committee intends to increase the number of its members every year.


Foundation Secretariat

Željko Rupić, Secretary, zeljko.rupic@zakladaivanbulic.com
Ivan Martić, Executive Secretary, TIM ZIP, ivan.martic@zakladaivanbulic.com
Danijela Kovač, Protocol and Organisation, TIM ZIP, danijela.kovac@zakladaivanbulic.com
Izabela Gregurić, Main Book Manager, TIM ZIP, izabela.greguric@zakladaivanbulic.com
Martina Kolak, Public Relations, TIM ZIP, martina.kolak@zakladaivanbulic.com
Božica Magdić, Bookkeeping and Finance, TIM ZIP, bozica.magdic@zakladaivanbulic.com


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