Ceremonial meeting of the Ivan Bulić Foundation

The first Ceremonial Meeting of the Ivan Bulić Foundation was held on November 30th 2017, at the Golden Hall of the Croatian Institute of History, the gallery of Croatian art transitioning from 19th to 20th century, in the Zagreb city center.

All members of the Foundation Board and the Expert Committee, as well as all award winners and supporters of the Ivan Bulić Foundation attended the ceremony.

The mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić, with his associates, was also present at the ceremony.

The event took place in a very emotional tone, deeply touching everybody present, trying to reconcile two mutually opposing characters; the sad one because of the loss of Ivan in whose name the very idea of the Foundation was created and the joyful one which celebrates pride and success of all the award winners for their exceptional work and contribution to the profession.

The appropriate musical ambience was embellished with the sensual performance of the opera diva Sandra Bagarić, who for this occasion unveiled her twenty-year-old flute she took out of her closet and gently played several musical parts, virtuoso pianist Darko Domitrović and young, talented cello player Lucija Pejković. Moved with empathy because of the tragic event and noble goal of the Foundation, artists voluntarily waived their fees in the name of the Foundation.

The Foundation Manager, Vladimir Bulić, during his emotional speech greeted everyone present, and Željko Rupić, Secretary of the Foundation and program moderator, publicly expressed their gratitude to all supporters and donators of the Foundation. They also thanked the academic painter Vjekoslav Stipica and world-known Marvel’s comic book graphic artist and author of the Foundation’s stamp, Dalibor Talajić, who also waived their authors’ fees and donated them to support the work and goals of the Foundation.

Special thanks were given to Kristina Bosnić, a Senior Counselor at the Ministry of Administration of the Republic of Croatia, who has, with special care, helped with the process of Foundation’s registration.

Members of the Foundation Board then officially distributed thank-you notes and golden plaques to Contractual Supporters, companies who have obliged to permanent, continuous, annual support for the Foundation.

The dean of the Faculty of food technology and biotechnology from the University of Zagreb, prof. dr. sc. Damir Ježek, president of the Expert Committee for selecting award candidates, addressed the guests and read several interesting paragraphs about Ivan’s life from the Foundation’s book that was written for this occasion.

Public and official ceremony of granting awards, scholarships and acknowledgments was the main event of the Ceremonial Meeting that was eagerly expected.

According to the proposal of the Expert Committee for granting awards, acknowledgments, supports and scholarships, comprised of: prof. dr. sc. Damir Ježek, President, prof. dr. sc. Duška Ćurić, Vice-President, prof. dr. sc. Damir Stanzer, dr. sc. Marija Carić and m. sc. Ivan Parać, the Foundation Board decided on the list of candidates for the academic year 2017/18.

The winners of the yearly scholarships in amounts of 15 000 HRK are:

Maja Rendulić (Undergraduate, Second year of studies),
atarina Filipan (Undergraduate, Third year of studies),
Ivona Kuraica (Graduate, First year of studies),
Ivan Martić (Graduate, Second year of studies),
Nika Mutak (Graduate, Second year of studies).

Award for the best graduate thesisComparison of the methods for determination of nutritive value of confectionary products“, a plaque and a reward in amount of 3 000 HRK were awarded to Lucija Štrkalj.

Award for the best master’s thesisApplication of pumpkin seed cake and millet in the development of enriched gluten-free bread“, a plaque and a reward in amount of 5 000 HRK were awarded to Kristina Jarni.

Annual Ivan Bulić Award for the best doctoral thesis „Non-starch polysaccharides sourdough and their impact on the quality and nutrition value of produced bread“, a plaque and a reward in amount of 7 000 HRK were awarded to dr.sc. Ivna Vrana Špoljarić.

The most prestigious Ivan Bulić Lifetime Achievement Award, a plaque and a reward in amount of 10 000 HRK were awarded to m.sc. Franjo Klarić for his extraordinary results over the past 60 years of work within the profession and his contribution as a whole to the development of food technology, especially in the fields of bakery, pastry and confectionery in the Republic of Croatia.

Scholarship winners Nika Mutak and Ivan Martić, on behalf all award winners, thanked the Founders and supporters of the Foundation for their support and recognition.

All students who received awards, scholarships and supports were immediately included into the Council of Excellence which began with detailed planning of further activities in the area of promoting the importance and usefulness of the Foundation among students of the Faculty of food technology and biotechnology in Zagreb.

The ceremony ended in the afternoon hours with socializing at the appropriate banquet in Hegedušićeva and Pompeii Hall of the Croatian Institute of History, and all the participants were given, as a sign of gratitude, a bilingual book on the Foundation, a Licitar heart with the Foundation’s emblem, as well as a thank-you note for their support of the Foundation.



    Honored Mr. Mayor and your associates!
    Respected ladies and gentlemen! Dear students!
    Valued Founders and supporters of the Ivan Bulić Foundation!
    Dear friends!

    Welcome, and thank you all for being here today with us.
    With the Ivan Bulić Foundation.
    We have gathered here today, in the most beautiful gallery in Croatia, on a sad, but also beautiful, noble and humane occasion.
    We have gathered to witness and remember the goodness, love and joy a young man has spread and bestowed upon us throughout his whole, short life.

    A sorrowful and unfortunate fate of my son Ivan, Ivan’s early departure from the hearts of many of our lives, many of your lives, his way of living and looking at life, Ivan’s views on human values and relationships, his contagious smile that he so often shared with everyone around him is the reason and cause why so many of you gave us, sad and with tears in our eyes, a great and unforgettable support in creating the Ivan Bulić Foundation.

    He will be missed for a long time by this and especially this kind of world, a man who happily gave, who would often leave a tear when the happiness of others was at stake, and who needed so little for it, and even less for the charming smile of his.
    We will miss the prominent intellect, a student who would often “embarrass” his professors, and as plenty of his friends say, would very often be asked for advice.

    Rare are the curious and determined mathematicians, with a mindset based on logic, who at the same time walk on the romantic side of the street, but also, with their eternal optimism, repel sorrow, worry and anxiety from themselves and others.

    That is precisely why because of that and Ivan’s constant, dedicated efforts for the needy, the neglected, the youth, their education and excellence, their place in social and business life, and in memory of Ivan, the Ivan Bulić Foundation was founded.

    And as long as there is Foundation, as long as we are here, we will remember Ivan for his brilliant mind, his nobleness, profound sense of humor and unique smile!

    That is why we are here today, with your support and patronage, for ours and Ivan’s world of bakery, pastry and confectionery that he loved so much and felt like at home, to say “Thank you and Bravo”, cheer “Yes, go ahead, we are with you!” to all the best, the great who have marked and those yet to leave an imprint on our profession.
    We are here because we want to help connect science and production, help graduate, master and doctoral work, except for the shelves of the faculty archive, find a more useful and meaningful place in real production. We are here to reduce the deficit of experts and water the nursery of young, educated, the best and most excellent food technology specialists year after year.

    As long there are the young, as long as there is knowledge and excellence, there will be future.

    If my son Ivan was here today, with us, by my side, he would say to me: “Dad, you have done a great job.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for that.


    Ladies and gentlemen!

    On behalf of all award-winning students and those who received scholarships we would proudly like to say that we feel privileged for having an opportunity to be a part of today’s, first Ceremonial Meeting of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.

    The goal of the Ivan Bulić Foundation is to invest in the development of young, talented students and their association with the leading companies in the food industry.
    That is why we are extremely proud that it is us who were selected by the Foundation’s Expert Committee.

    We thank you for recognizing the potential in us capable for development and future of our profession. We would also like to thank the Foundation Board that approved us as the scholarship, award and acknowledgment winners.

    Our gratitude goes to all supporters, donators and sympathizers of the Foundation.
    Lastly, from the bottom of our hearts we thank the Bulić family for starting the initiative and founding the Ivan Bulić Foundation. Thank you.

    The special purpose of the Foundation is to preserve a permanent memory of the humane and noble character of Ivan Bulić.
    We will do our best to fulfill all goals of the Foundation and carry out the ideas your Ivan stood for during his life.
    Once again, thank you all and allow me to mention a saying from an American philosopher John Dewey in which we believe ourselves:
    “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

    Thank you very much.


    M. Sc. Franjo Klarić graduated in 1970 from the Faculty of food technology and biotechnology at the University of Zagreb and has worked for over 60 years on the most responsible functions in the bakery industry.

    In addition to most important Croatian bakery industries, he acquired his knowledge, skills and experience throughout Europe, mostly in Germany and Italy, only to eventually return to Croatia.
    His endless and selfless readiness to transfer his great knowledge and practical experience to younger generations is worth the attention and admiration.
    Many of his “students” and interns are today at one the most distinguished managerial positions in the bakery industry in this area.

    As the pinnacle of his commitment to the profession, after three translated books for the TIM ZIP library “Bread for Life”, he wrote an author’s book “Modern technologies in bakery and pastry – raw materials and products” which, with its 600 pages, becomes a permanent, a kind of encyclopedia of bakery.

    Mr. Franjo Klarić, a vital lover of flour and bread, is a respected and prominent expert who, besides his vast knowledge and experience, oozes with his human qualities, modesty and nobility. Because of that and his extraordinary and continuous contribution to the development and improvement of the bakery and pastry industry in this part of Europe, he is awarded with the IVAN BULIĆ LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.