Ceremonial academy on the occasion of celebrating the triple jubilee

The small hall of Vatroslav Lisinski was shining in a celebratory atmosphere on December 9, 2022.
The three Jubilees Ceremonial Academy embodied in the words “Thank you for love” marked the proud 30 years of work of TIM ZIP, 20 years of the Richemont Club Croatia and 5 years of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.
During the one-hour program, the room was full of satisfaction while celebrating and acknowledging the most important values in the business of these three entities: unquestionable quality and striving for excellent results, partner trust and respect, and tireless optimism for the future. All that together was rounded off by that common, recognizable denominator – love.

About three hundred respected and dear guests, business partners and friends from all over Croatia and neighbouring countries of the region, and from all over Europe, witnessed and magnified the program with their presence. All those people contributed in various ways in the achievement of important results and success as the ultimate goal of business existence of the three celebrants.

On behalf of all three jubilarians, Vladimir Bulić greeted the attendees.
Business partners from the real sector as well as the ambassadors of food science, important people from Croatia and the whole Europe, from the ranks of suppliers and buyers, on behalf of the Richemont club, but also in front of the winners of the Foundation’s supports took this important opportunity to share their thoughts, to say all the things they often do not have the chance to say in everyday business, or simply forget to say.
Those were words full of warmth and praise, admiration in terms of business, but also in terms of empathy, a kind of ode to the achievements recorded in the portfolios of these featherweights in the development of the bakery profession.

On this occasion, it was also nice to hear the words of moderator Željko Rupić, who was continuously clarifying the importance and driving force of the three backbones of this gathering. Poet and drama artist Enes Kišević delighted with the recitation of his author’s poem “Upright Ear”, written precisely for the occasion of these anniversaries.
Two of the company’s employees also contributed to the ceremony: Ivan Bulić Foundation’s first-generation scholarship recipient, Nika Došen in vocal interpretation, as well as the director of development, technology and projects Andrej Hanžek on the violin in the performance of the aforementioned Enes’ song.
After that, Luka Bulić accompanied by Darko Domitrović performed the “Bread” song, known as TIM ZIP’s anthem for years, a precious gift from the songwriter Arsen Dedić.
As the crown of these special moments, Luka Bulić performed his new song “There is power in love”, which he sang with the assistance of Lea Dekleva on the piano.

A little bit unusual, but quite justified, the news about Croatia’s winning goal against Brazil echoed in the middle of the ceremony, as evidenced by the attached photo. There was no end to the excitement, so it’s not surprising that immediately afterwards some text was forgotten, or the tears of joy were seen on the people’s faces, or the voices unexpectedly trembled from increased excitement… All these scenes were accepted with great affection as an inestimably dear part of the program.

At the end of the program, the hosts and all the guests went together to the “Advent concert of film and classical music”, and the joint gathering was continued at a festive reception in arrangement of Catering Kvatrić, in a unique social environment of business partners, associates, friends and family members. With the alternating a capella sounds of Klapa Kampanel and occasional music on the piano performed by Kruno Kralj, the guests were entertained until midnight.

The attractive cakes of Pastry Vincek with recognizable symbols of the celebrants gathered around the table both those who wanted to taste them and those who wanted to immortalize them with a photographic memory. As a sign of gratitude for the cooperation and support, the guests were given Vincek chocolate bars in the vivid colours of the jubilarians, as well as an occasional Christmas cake made by the company’s technology department.
It was truly an evening to remember.
Joy, pride and togetherness crept into all corners of the foyer, permeating human souls with a special synergy and harmony, with something magnificent, something that can hardly be described.
And it’s actually very simple: love is that secret connection, love is what keeps us together…


  • Welcome speech of Vladimir Bulić


    Ladies and gentleman.
    Dear business partners.
    Esteemed scientists, professors, students.
    Dear members of the International Richemont Club.
    Esteemed founders and supporters of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.
    My dear TIM ZIP people, family members and friends.
    Dear musicians, artists, and guests.

    Welcome to the Academy which proudly celebrates 30 years of work of TIM ZIP company, 20 years of the Richemont Club Croatia and 5 years of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.
    Today is a big and significant day for all three organizations, and therefore, thank you for coming, for being with us today, as many of you or your predecessors have been for the last thirty years. By your arrival today, you testify that the path we took in TIM ZIP was the right one and what we created was worth of mentioning.
    It is also the fulfilment of almost all my business and life wishes, dreams, visions and missions. All but one. But even if Ivan were there, I know, he would say:” Dad, I’m proud of you.”
    A large number of those years that we remember today, and they are not few, because an entire generation of people has changed in the meantime, we strived together towards perfection and excellence, wanting to provide everyone around us and ourselves with access to knowledge and the latest technologies, a good reputation, business reputation and good image, top product quality, mutual business satisfaction and communication and successful business.
    It was not easy and it was not simple. On the contrary, it was challenging and extremely demanding to overcome all unexpected crises and dangers, sometimes at the limit of the possible. But with joint work, patience, trust, understanding and mutual help, we managed to win and overcome all challenges and here we are today, still together, with pride, and we can remember those days with pleasure and together continue the path to even better and greater success in the future.
    Without all of you present here, none of this would have been possible, none of this would have succeeded, nor will it be possible in the future. In the challenging and uncertain years ahead, we will need even more wisdom, courage, knowledge, work, patience and cooperation from all of us.
    It is the “Conditio sine qua non“of our future.

    Therefore, a huge and endless thank you primarily to our partners, customers, bakers, and confectioners from Croatia and the entire region of the former Yugoslavia. These are the ones who have believed in us, in our recommendations and advice, in our knowledge and experience, in all the wealth and breadth of our offer for raw materials and every type of equipment and machinery in production for all these 30 years.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience, loyalty and trust.
    We also thank our business partners, suppliers of equipment and raw materials from all over Europe, from more than ten European countries, who understood, and felt our desire to be excellent, to be the best. They want us not to give up even when it is the most difficult and that what we do and how we do it has its own foundations, has strength and has a future for good and successful business. You recognized we speak with knowledge and experience. Thank you for your unreserved support, thank you for your trust.

    We thank all the members of the Richemont Club Croatia for 20 years of courage and success in the search for better, higher quality and healthier products, thank you for our unity and for the common optimism in the development of our profession.
    We would also like to thank all the clubs and members of the International Richemont Club for accepting us as a member twenty years ago and believing that with their help and knowledge we will be able to change our world of baking and confectionery for the better. And we did. We succeeded. Twenty years of study, work and effort paid off.

    I would like to express my special gratitude today also to our Faculty of Food and Biotechnology from Zagreb, to the dean of the Faculty, to the wonderful, accommodating, hardworking and selfless professors, hardworking and excellent students and scientists, as well as to the staff of the Faculty who have been with us all these years, from the very beginning, unreservedly followed, believed in us, were a source of knowledge for us and shared the fate of the profession with us. I especially thank the Faculty and all participants for their cooperation in the establishment and five years of activity of the Foundation of my son Ivan.

    I especially thank all the founders and supporters for the support and trust they have shown for Ivan Bulić Foundation, which in memory of Ivan promotes work, diligence and excellence on the way to knowledge, as well as humanity, solidarity, empathy and care for the weak and needy. So far, that Foundation has awarded more than a hundred scholarships, awards and supports to students and scientists, students of nutrition schools, schools and the Faculty, significant amounts of aid to victims of natural disasters as well as animal protection associations.

    In the end, but not because they are less important, but precisely because the sugar comes last, I give endless thanks to those without whom none of what I have mentioned today would have been accomplished. To those who are responsible for the fact that we are all together today and that we have something to be proud of together.
    Thank you to those who followed me when it was the most difficult and seemed hopeless, who believed in me even when I said something quite incredible, who were always by my side even during the greatest crises and who always were and always will be the foundation and greatest value of company TIM ZIP, all its knowledge, all its experience, and all its potential. Thank you to the best team of people in the world, to the team of my TIM ZIP, to the team of endlessly hardworking and dedicated colleagues, to the team of exceptional women and men, great experts and lovers of their work, masters, engineers and intellectuals of all kinds who do not recognize obstacles, do not accept unsolved tasks and defeats, for whom the problem is a task, and a crisis situation is a chance for learning and success. Eighty exceptional people in three different countries, but in the same way used to order, work and procedures, incurably infected with perfection and dedication to customers. Honest, hardworking and loyal.
    I also thank all the members of our families who, over the years, have always patiently understood that our profession is special, important, characteristic, that you have to work at night, react quickly, and that sometimes, or often, you have to adapt your private life to the needs of the company.

    That is why this Academy of ours should be called by the words I mentioned most often, ”Thank you for love”.
    For love of knowledge, for excellence, love for profession, for quality, love for partner, colleague, for everything that surrounds us.
    Because love is what is keeping us together for thirty years.
    Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. Today, everyone is here who should be, and who has been creating for years the results and success that we want to celebrate today.
    Thank you for that and for being with us today.
    Welcome, and I hope you feel how much it means to us that you are with us, that you are the part of our TIM ZIP world.

  • Petar Thür, General Manager at Zagreb bakeries Klara


    Dear guests, Richemont members, Foundation founders, students – laureates.
    Dear guests.
    Dear Vlatko, dear TIM ZIP team.

    It is a special honour and pleasure for me to be able to address you briefly at this jubilee ceremony in front of the Zagreb bakeries Klara and our entire group.
    All of us from the Group feel a special connection with our today’s celebrants. Like many of you, we have been in cooperation with them since the first days of TIM ZIP’s establishment that was 30 years ago, as one of the Richemont Club Croatia founders twenty years ago, and as a supporter of the Ivan Bulić Foundation since its founding five years ago.
    Together we have been growing, supporting each other and prospering, and most valuable of all, we continue to do so – together!

    Indeed, it is a rare fortune for a company or organization to celebrate the 30 years of business and not only on paper, but with a business and life pedigree like TIM ZIP.
    To all of us, I believe, TIM ZIP is a synonym for a key expert advice, support and advocacy in business challenges, inspiration for new ideas and innovations, an extended hand of our teams, as well as a business friend and a partner in a full meaning of the words.
    It is even more rare that as a part of the 30th jubilee we are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of a jointly founded association guided by a passion for excellence of the bakery craft in Croatia, following the example of the Richemont Club International.
    The Richemont club as a whole is a true union of professional, artistic and international bakery mastery and the selfless sharing of this noble craft for the benefit of everyone and the entire industry.
    The elite jubilees’ society is joined by the third anniversary, although shorter in terms of years, in my opinion it is the crown of all the values promoted and lived by the first two ”jubilees” in terms of significance. It is the crown of universal values that are best manifested in the promotion and encouragement of young talents and the thirst for knowledge embodied by the Ivan Bulić Foundation that is named after the unique young man who lived and represented these values.
    The Foundation which grew out of pain and was created out of pure love, cherishes, supports and ensures access to better education and superior knowledge to the most valuable in every society, to the young promising people, and to the new leaders.
    All three anniversaries are much more than just flow of time. They are a faithful witness of love, sacrifice and endless perseverance, driven both by the desire for joint success, and even more so by the selfless desire to share knowledge and improve the good deeds into the best ones!

    In conclusion, let me try to reduce to a common denominator the driving force and energy personified in Mr. Vladimir Bulić and the complete team that Vlatko has been gathering around him from its beginnings until today. I would say that the guiding idea is gathering and togetherness in excellence, love for creation, raising and protecting the new generations of young people who will soon be the foundation of our industry, and bringing back the culture of bread to our everyday life again and again.
    And at the end, that is, at the beginning of this ceremony, I want to congratulate you once again from the bottom of my heart for all these years of creation and infectious success
    that you pass on to all of us. I look forward to continue walking with you on our intertwined business and life path.
    Thank you and cheers!

  • Natalija Šoša, Director at EKOS CAKES


    Distinguished ladies and gentleman!
    Dear bakery, pastry and confectionery colleagues!
    Dear Richemont club colleagues, and esteemed hosts of the company TIM ZIP!

    As one of the younger directors in the field of pastry and bakery, as I still like to court myself, first of all I would like to thank you for the exceptional honour and the opportunity to address to all of you at this Ceremonial Academy’s gathering which marks the jubilee trio – 30 years of the TIM ZIP company, 20 years of the Richemont Club Croatia and 5 years of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.

    I proudly support the noble idea of the Foundation as a person and on behalf of the company Ekos Cakes. The very implementation of the idea is of immense importance for the young people, students, the economy, as well as for the further development of our pastry and bakery industry.
    May the God give us more initiatives like this, noble deeds and foremost noble people. Ekos Cakes will always be the company that will stand behind such projects and support their development.
    Although I didn’t know him well enough because unfortunately, he left us too soon, the name of Ivan Bulić is particularly inspiring. It is still enough to feel at first glance that we share the same passion for perhaps the most beautiful job in the world – the development of pastry and bakery. That same passion will be shared by all of us also in that other, beautiful world.

    We have been proud members of the Richemont club since the first day of its foundation 20 years ago, and the range of memories is more and more colorful every day.
    The leaders and holders of TIM ZIP are also the founders of the Club which makes them the strongest initiators of our industry development in this area.

    Professionalism, knowledge, experience, and yet that wonderful modesty and humility are one of the many virtues of all employees of TIM ZIP company. You do your work wholeheartedly and I congratulate you on that. In accordance with the idea and vision of the TIM ZIP team, Ekos Cakes will continue to proudly work on new projects with solid and stable cooperation as it has always been until now.

    Considering that the most beautiful time of the year is approaching, I wish to all of you blessings and joy, and a sense of satisfaction with everything we have achieved so far.
    Let’s look at things from the bottom of the souls, because it is only with the heart that one can see rightly. Laugh uncontrollably and always gladly remember the things and people that made you laugh, because only rare find rare ones. That’s why we thank TIM ZIP for finding us and letting us to find them.

    I heartily congratulate our TIM ZIP, Richemont Club and the Ivan Bulić Foundation on their anniversaries and achievements. I wish to all present all the best in our profession which is, I am sure, safe and in good hands.

  • Damir Bulić, Board Member at KRAŠ


    Good evening, dear ladies and gentlemen.

    It is a great honour, but also a personal pleasure to be here tonight on this ceremonial occasion to mark the 30th anniversary of company TIM ZIP, which is also our long-term business partner. First of all, I congratulate you on this great anniversary and I believe that we will celebrate many more together. Anniversaries are precisely the occasion to say
    what we normally don’t have the opportunity to say. To remember and thank our partners and to highlight all the good that accompanies us through cooperation.
    There is an old saying that people are the company’s most valuable asset. In the case of TIM ZIP this is indeed so, because behind that company stands – one man. A great man, Mr. Bulić, who left a deep impression on me with his warm approach and immense respect for everyone.
    With excellence, expertise, knowledge and experience reflected in business cooperation even in the darkest days, Mr. and Mrs. Bulić found a light and then gave it to others.
    Through the Ivan Bulić Foundation they have helped to many young people supporting them on their way to success. By encouraging the education of excellent young individuals, they also improved the community in which we live.
    They taught me, and I’m sure the others as well, what are the true values and what kind of happiness lies in sharing and living together with others, and how to sail through the storms with dignity and raised sails.
    There are many reasons why the company TIM ZIP has been doing a successful business for so many years. It is the result of dedication and enthusiasm, love for work and excellent relationships with people. With such an approach, I have no doubt that TIM ZIP has a bright future ahead of it. As before, we are ready to offer a hand of cooperation, but also a warm human touch, to thank for everything and look forward to what awaits us.
    Thank you once again for giving me the honour to be a part of this celebration of yours and
    I wish you all the best in the period ahead.

  • Aleš Mozetič, President of the Board at DON DON


    Dear ladies and gentleman.

    On behalf of the company DON DON Ltd and on behalf of the business partners outside Croatia, I have the honour and pleasure to say few words.
    Namely, with today’s event we mark not only 30 years of TIM ZIP, but also 30 years of evolution and development of bakery on the Balkan.
    TIM ZIP is a company that has been supporting, maintaining, guiding and advising us on this path for 30 years.
    In the first period, this support was focused on smaller and semi-automatic equipment, and in the second part in the direction of automatization and robotics, which is also knocking on the big door of bakery. It is a great advantage to have such support and service along the way, and we have a great desire to continue like this for the next 30 years.
    With all these competencies and qualities, TIM ZIP is a group of wonderful people who are not only business partners, but also friends.
    Thank you for the first 30 years and I look forward to further projects.

  • Ivan Pavičić, Creative director at ŠANAVALA Concept Store


    Ladies and gentlemen.
    Friends of TIM ZIP.
    Truly golden people.

    I greet you on my own behalf and on behalf of Šanavala concept store, the marketing agency that stands behind the concept ”Under the golden ray of the sun” I will present to you today.
    First of all, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this event, a part of TIM ZIP’s unique story.
    Thank you, Vlatko, for enabling us to make an effort to magnify this special year and the triptych of anniversaries that we celebrate with our ideas and creativity.
    Thirty years of TIM ZIP’s business, the company where my father worked and the company whose child I practically am.
    Twenty years since the founding of the Richemont Club, a community of truly great people, visionaries and winners.
    Five years of the Ivan Bulić Foundation’s existence and activity – the foundation that has the face of my always smiling friend, the foundation that is the basis of investing in the future.
    What is the unbreakable bond of these three subjects?
    Golden glow. Golden ideas, golden results, golden past and future…
    The golden ray of the sun that permeates and intertwines their and our stories with a special symbolism.
    Anniversaries united with the concept ”Under the golden ray of the sun” have been celebrated throughout the year, by getting together and glorifying excellence, just like we are doing it today.
    But also, by something that will remain forever as a permanent value even when they will be behind us – by art! By photography, sculpture, song.
    Created with different techniques, but imbued with the same theme – the Golden Ray of the Sun.
    This year obliged us to do it with joy, but also to continue with it in the future.
    Therefore, golden people, I can’t wait to see you again on some new occasion, in some new celebration. Until then, enjoy every golden ray of sunshine we’ve been given, which shines on us from above, day by day.
    Thank you.

  • Markus Kagerer, General Manager at DIAMANT AUSTRIA


    Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests.

    I am truly honoured to be part of this wonderful event and to have the opportunity to thank you, Mr. Bulić & your entire team, for the past 30 years and to congratulate you on the 30th
    anniversary of TIM ZIP.

    The 30 years anniversary of TIM ZIP is a big achievement and it makes me proud to say that our company DIAMANT had the honour and the pleasure to accompany TIM ZIP on its path to success already for 29 of its 30 years. It was already back in 1993, when we started our mutual collaboration, meaning also sharing the same values and building a strong partnership over the years. Not only that we are both acting in the same industry, it is the passion for high quality bakery and pastry products that we share and that unites us since the start of our collaboration.

    Mr. Bulic, my biggest compliment to you as a president is to be such an inspiring partner, who has attained amazing achievements over the past 30 years, always staying true to your company´s values which are:
    – never losing the big vision out of sight,
    – having ambitious goals,
    – loving what you do,
    – striving for continuous improvement, development and growth,
    – focusing on quality,
    – building a highly qualified motivated team with great Team spirit,
    – launching great initiatives, as for example the Ivan Bulic Foundation or the TIM ZIP EXPO.

    All this has made you to the amazing organization that you are today, 30 years after the foundation of TIM ZIP. We at Diamant really enjoy the collaboration with you as it is a deeply trustful collaboration, defined by respect, mutual confidence, and comprehension; always being honest, having open dialogues and finding solutions together – in one word: a real strong partnership.
    Mr. Bulić, congratulations to you and to your entire team on your anniversary and thank you for the past decades of successful cooperation!
    We look forward to the next 30 years of mutual collaboration to come!

  • Thomas Künzli, Sales Manager for Europe at BÜHLER GROUP


    Dear Vlatko.
    Dear Team of TIM ZIP.
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

    My sincerest congratulations, Vlatko and congratulations to TIM ZIP!

    It is an honour to be invited this evening to the celebration of the 30 the anniversary of TIM ZIP.
    In the same year, TIM ZIP is also celebrating its 20 years as a member of the Swiss Richemont Club and as well the 5 the year of the founding of the wonderful Ivan Bulić Foundation.
    The collaboration between our companies originates in 2001 when TIM ZIP includes Meincke in their portfolio of agencies.
    In 2010 Meincke became part of the Haas Group and in 2018 the Haas Group became part of the Bühler family. And that is how our ways crossed.

    It is amazing to see what TIM ZIP has become over the past 30 years, starting in 1992 with one agency and representing today over 30 companies, providers of solutions & services for the food industry. It is also impressive to see that Vlatko did not limit the area of activity to only European countries but is gaining a great reputation also abroad, outside of Europe.
    It’s only 4 years ago that I met you, Vlatko, and your wonderful team. Over this rather short time, I got to know Vlatko as an enthusiastic charismatic partner, leader and friend, whose reserves of passion & energy have absolutely no limits. And exactly this enormous passion, the huge energy and his extraordinary attitude reflect strongly on his great team, which I got to know as very active in the market, highly professional & reliable. You can feel very strongly that all the team loves to be part of the TIM ZIP family and its spirit.
    Something I have always appreciated very much during our collaboration with TIM ZIP and Vlatko is the open and transparent collaboration, always market oriented in order to provide our customers with the right solution & service.

    Now, there would be so much more to say. But to be able to listen to the Advent Concert as soon as possible, I will reduce my speech to a big THANK YOU, Vlatko and a very big THANK YOU to all your team. For the coming years, I wish you, Vlatko and TIM ZIP all the best and continued success in our common market.
    Thank you to all and enjoy this wonderful evening.

  • Robert Rohrer, former President of the Board and Supervisory Board at RONDO


    Dear Vlatko.
    Ladies and gentlemen.
    Dear business partners of TIM ZIP.
    Dear members of the International Richemont Club.
    Esteemed founders and supporters of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.

    Back a few months, Vlatko invited me to this event, which I accepted with great pleasure. He did not mention that he expected me to address a few words to you – a task, representing a great honour. I will try in these very few minutes to resume how I, hopefully also you, appreciate and perceive Vlatko Bulic and his lifetime achievement “TIM ZIP”.

    Vlatko, I would like to focus this time rather on you as a person, as a leader and beacon for your team, for your suppliers and all other people and organizations dealing with you.
    Over a period of close to 30 years we were able to experience a very long lasting, outstanding, loyal and sustainable relationship with you and consequently with TIM ZIP.
    Probably everybody, here present, was able to appreciate the multiple goals reached by our partner and friend, Vlatko. Needless to line up all these achievements.
    It is much more my wish and will to highlight some elements, or characteristics of Vlatko as a person and personality, the way I was able to sense and feel him.
    Vlatko, the longer, may be also the deeper our relationship and certainly the one of some others, present here, went on, the more I was impressed by your empathy. A quality that can be found with few and fewer managers of our time. Empathy towards your staff members, towards your partners in the whole word. In my opinion an outstanding quality, especially when it is paired with the entrepreneurship you show in your daily business attitude.
    Honesty and straight forward type of attitude, willing to face the most difficult situations and trying to sort them out – always driven by the will to find a win/win solution, makes you for all of us a very valuable partner, or even more, a very dear friend.
    Business ethics in all their facets is not an empty phrase but is lived and demonstrated in your daily business behaviour. Through this you give a living example to everybody dealing with you.
    Recently, talking about doing business these days, you mentioned that it’s getting more and more difficult to develop person driven relationships in business leading to a deep friendship, vs figure driven relations.
    Considering this remark of yours, I wish that many more people around you may be given the chance to learn from you, understand that with your personality relations can be as prosperous but probably even more rewarding if the true values that you keep so high become the guidance for our conduct.

    Vlatko, I would like to thank you, as well as in the name of all your partners and friends for the long, enriching, and valuable friendship you offer us. We all wish to be able to carry this relation on for very long and enjoy common days with you. Thank you, Vlatko for sharing time with us and inspire us with your ideas and values.

  • Roberto Perotti, President of the International Richemont Club


    Good evening, everyone.

    I want to thank immediately my friend Vladimir for inviting me to this event.
    It was a pleasure to receive Martina’s call and even if the dates were very hard for us (December in Italy is a very busy month for work), I wanted to be present for the gratitude I feel for Vladimir, for what he has done in all those years for Croatian bakery and all the Croatian bakers.
    You undertook your way to success creating your own business until becoming leader in our sector, then you created Richemont Club Croatia giving the chance to all the bakers from your country to increase their professional level.
    I can strongly testify this because in those years I saw a big professional growth of my Croatian colleagues, and the cherry on the cake, as we say in Italy, will be their participation to the world competition that will be in January in Rimini.

    Dear Vladimir, you’re huge.
    Even after a deep pain you have faced, you found the strength to create a humanitarian foundation.
    This is not for everyone, only for great people.
    I wish you a lot of success to come, thank you for everything you have done and for being my friend.

  • Ivan Martić, director of Raw materials department and Anamaria Dominko, expert associate at Project and equipment department of TIM ZIP


    Everyone who at least once attended the Ceremonial Meeting of the Foundation witnessed an extremely emotional event in which feelings of sadness and pain are intertwined due to Ivan’s premature death.
    With this, they undoubtedly confirmed the truth of Pupačić’s verse: Nothing is as great and human as sadness combined with love.
    At the same time, feelings of extreme pride and happiness can be seen on the faces of the scholarship holders and their relatives.
    For many of us, this event is the first encounter with the world of adults. For many, it is the first expression of respect and a sense of value for the achieved result. The first feeling of self-confidence.
    The Ivan Bulić Foundation is socially recognized as a humane and noble organization that supports the education and training of young people.
    It is nice to see how the number of students registered for the Foundation’s competition increases every year, as well as the number of physical and legal supporters who provide support for the growth and development of the Foundation’s activities. We are glad that in this way you contribute to our profession and motivate young people for further development and progress, that you invest in our but also in your future.
    “Young people should be given access to all knowledge and information. This is the duty of every society and every good and wise employer.” Guided precisely by these Ivan’s words, the Ivan Bulić Foundation made a huge social step forward in connecting students and young scientists with real production in the food industry. The only correct one, the only efficient one.
    As students who had the honour of being scholarship recipients of the Foundation, and then becoming employees of TIM ZIP company which is the founder of the Foundation and which supports the Foundation along with the Bulić family, we express our enormous gratitude to all its sympathizers, donors and supporters.
    It is an indisputable fact that it was the Ivan Bulić Foundation that made it possible for many excellent students to study in a more pleasant and relaxed way, but also completely defined the career paths for many of us.
    As we wanted and expected.
    We want to thank TIM ZIP family, that we consider as our own family, who recognized our youthful persistence and curiosity; which rewards our results; and sees a mistake as an opportunity to learn something new. Which teaches us not to be an average.
    We would like to finish with a short message to all of you, as well as to our colleagues.
    Be cheerful givers of your knowledge. And do it in love.
    Because love, like knowledge, multiplies by sharing.

  • Prof. Jadranka Frece, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of food Technology and Biotechnology University of Zagreb


    Dear ladies and gentlemen, respected entrepreneurs, members of the Richemont Club and employees of TIM ZIP, respected founders, supporters and donors of the Foundation, dear students and proud parents, professor colleagues, guests and friends.

    It is my great honour and pleasure to greet you on behalf of all the employees and students of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the University of Zagreb. This is a unique and special ceremonial occasion for all of us: 30 years of the TIM ZIP company, 20 years of the Richemont Club and 5 years of the Ivan Bulić Foundation at the same time. These are the anniversaries of three important pillars of our bakery industry, but also three important subjects firmly connected to the activities of our Faculty.

    Our Faculty, especially the Laboratory for Chemistry and Grain Technology and the Laboratory for Fermentation and Yeast Technology, have for many years maintained close relationships with the company TIM ZIP, but also with other companies related the Richemont club.
    There is a wonderful synergy in these relationships, exactly as it should be – we can learn a lot from each other, and we can give a lot to each other. We learn, and we give. We are developing together.
    The most important component of our Faculty’s work and our noblest mission is the creation of personnel for the food industry.
    And precisely in this, the trefoil TIM ZIP, Richemont and especially the Ivan Bulić Foundation have a special place. The bakery industry in Croatia always has a special place that somehow stands out with its quality, derived from the attitude of the need for continuous improvement. The credit for this goes to some people who are still here today, as well as to the excellent companies of the bakery industry which are constantly moving forward and keeping this segment of our economy at the world’s level.
    At the centre of everything, like the real heart, there are company TIM ZIP and Vlatko Bulić. Not only as the leader and motivator, but also as the one who brings all of us together and maintains that community as a family. Our Faculty is proud to be part of that family, and that is not only a phrase.
    We really feel it when, as the closest member of the family, the company helps us in difficult times after the earthquake and flood at the Faculty, when our professors hold scientific and professional lectures at expert events organized by TIM ZIP and Richemont. Also, when Vlatko Bulić participates in the closest team of our faculty Economic Council and when we jointly choose the best among excellent students in the Expert committee of the Ivan Bulić Foundation – winners of supports and awards who are still here with us today.
    The Foundation which grew out of unspeakable sadness, in the best way became our great joy, a part of us, and through it our students very often became a part of you, dear friends from the bakery industry. In the foreground is concern for the needy ones, the will to encourage and support excellence, to help, but at the centre of everything is always love, followed by selflessness.
    How to create from a big, huge and continuous pain that destroys heart something even bigger for a lot of young people, encourage them and reward them for excellence, help them find a job in the future and create a wonderful story that will last forever?
    The Bulić family teaches us how to survive, how to overcome ourselves and turn immense pain and sadness into infinite love and how to leave a mark on infinity.
    Thanks to the selection through the Foundation, the best of our students have the opportunity to shine.
    When I see all of you students here today, on the one hand the current students as this year’s laureates, and on the other hand the best former students, and the current leaders and technologists in the companies present here, I can do nothing but congratulate with great gratitude and pride all of you, also company TIM ZIP and all members of the Richemont Club and the Ivan Bulić Foundation.
    I am proud and blessed to be the dean of this Faculty, to have the honour of listening to laureates proudly speak about their successes, their ideals and plans. They talk about what pushes them forward and encourages them to excellence, and they express their gratitude to the Foundation and supporters, because they give them the wind at their backs. I am proud that I lead an excellent Faculty that is a leader in Croatia and beyond, that I can be present and be a part of this whole story. I am also proud to be a part of the lives of these young, excellent students of ours, who are looking forward to a bright future which they want to build a better tomorrow with.
    Their smiles and pride spoke even more than words.
    That is why the glow of one angel is present with us every year at the Ivan Bulić Foundation’s Ceremonial Meeting. It fills our hearts with warmth and reminds us of the essence of life: family, friends, love and kindness. How to create, build, not subvert each other, how to use your strength, energy, emotions and intelligence to create goodness in this world.
    Therefore, let’s create realistic fairy tales, dream meadows. If it’s in our power, let’s bring down and make the stars and the moon possible for someone and put a smile on someone’s face. Let the flame of warmth reach the majority of people, so that those who do not know how to become happy, still reach happiness. Being a part of this story is a privilege, being friends with the Bulić family is an honour and pride. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of that story, of your lives. Thank you, dear Vlatko, dear friend.

    Finally, I wish you and your loved ones to be and stay healthy, to successfully overcome all the difficulties you will encounter and to enjoy the peace and love of this special holiday time of the year. All the best from the heart.