The Foundation bodies meet when necessary in order to carry out the functions and to achieve the purpose and goals of the Foundation. The Foundation bodies communicate mutually in order to exchange the information about their needs and activities.

The Foundation meets at least twice a year. On the regular annual meeting of the Foundation Board in spring the work report, financial statements, work and the financial plan are being adopted and the awards, acknowledgements, supports and scholarships for the current year are being announced.

At the end of the calendar year, a ceremonial meeting is being organised with the purpose to proclaim the excellent and to grant them the awards, acknowledgments, supports and scholarships.

All the founders, contractual supporters and supporters of the Foundation are invited to this public ceremonial meeting that is perhaps the most intimate and most important idea of the Foundation. Once a year, this meeting gathers, at the same place, all Ivan’s friends and all those he loved and who loved and respected him, in order to remember him and to make something beautiful, humane, noble and socially useful on behalf of him.


We sincerely thank to all who have supported the establishment of Ivan Bulić Foundation.