Special purpose of the Foundation is to preserve a permanent memory of the humane and noble figure of Ivan Bulić.

"Young people should have access to all knowledge and information. It is the duty of
every society and every good and wise employer.”

Ivan’s thoughts

The goal is to theoretically and practically help in the realization of the ideas that Ivan Bulić during his life, education and work stood for, and which are set in two Ivan’s thoughts:
“Young people should have access to all knowledge and information.
It is the duty of every society and every good and wise employer.”
“Young and educated experts, associates and managers are crucial to the development and future of each company.
Their education and knowledge are essential for every employer, just like their curiosity and desire for new knowledge, their strong and healthy desire for proof and success, and especially their youthful strength and perseverance.
They need to be given trust, rights and responsibilities, help them and direct them if they make mistakes, but also support, acknowledge, and praise their achievements and successes.”



Student life is not always easy, but is certainly one of the most beautiful periods in life during which young people become increasingly aware of the value and importance of knowledge, the need for continuous professional development and acquiring required skills to continue their education and better life in the future.
Today, in Croatia, just like all around the world, knowledge is the strongest weapon. All young people and generally people eager to learn should be given a chance to prove themselves and be the best at what they do! Young people become experts in their professions, change the world and brighten the future of their country, and beside all that mature into professionals whose opinions are valued and taken into consideration.
Encouraging students on extra effort and guiding them towards sector’s real needs will ensure that bakery and pastry industry can stay survive longer in the world of business, but also offer numerous discoveries in theory and practice that would otherwise, without perseverance, effort and work, be impossible to achieve.
There are many found and noble reasons why to support Ivan Bulić Foundation.

  • If you knew and loved Ivan Bulić and wish to savour the memory of his character and values he stood for during his life, support the Foundation!
  • If you wish to support young people in acquiring quality knowledge, experience and achieving excellent results, support the Foundation!
  • If you too strive for excellence because you believe that in doing so you can improve the quality of life, support the Foundation!

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Many noble and human ideas for the benefit of the society came as a result of life’s most tragic situations.
In honour of the young, temperamental, in his social circle respected intellectual, Ivan Bulić, who always strived for excellence, both his own and those around him, who fought for the rights of the weaker, social justice and equality and who unfortunately left us too early, a Foundation was founded carrying Ivan’s name at the initiative of his parents, wife and friends so that his character and work, his humanity, nobility and commitment for the young and those in need would never be forgotten.
Ivan Bulić Foundation was founded on June 27th 2017, with its headquarters in Zagreb, and started work on October 2nd 2017 when the Foundation’s Statute was accepted by the Ministry of Administration of The Republic of Croatia.
Foundation’s primary goal is to permanently support education and professional development of young people, especially in the field of biotechnology and food technology in bakery, pastry and confectionery.
By granting supports, awards and scholarships to the best students, young researchers and physical and legal persons who have given special contribution to the profession with their projects and works, the aim is to ensure that there would be enough quality experts for the development of these food industries.
The Foundation has an important role of connecting science and education to the real production in this field.
Through cooperation of the Business council, comprised of experts and renowned persons from the field of practical production and who are mostly supporters of the Foundation themselves, as well as the Expert Committee comprised of all current and future experts, Foundation’s scholarship and awards winners, young experts will have direct insight on what scientific works and research are really needed and can be beneficial to the production itself as well as the development of our profession.
Ivan Bulić Foundation is supported by 30 renowned regional and European companies, as well as by more than 90 physical persons, friends of the family and profession, and every new support to the Foundation’s work to motivate and guide young experts will contribute significantly to better positioning and development of these businesses.